Hurricane Season Begins June 1; Citizens Encouraged to Be Prepared & Stay Alert

Mayor Sylvester Turner and the City of Houston Office of Emergency Management (OEM) urges residents to prepare for the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season, which runs from Saturday, June 1, through Saturday, Nov. 30, 2019.

Our location along the Gulf Coast, in combination with our status as one of the nation’s industrial centers, leaves us vulnerable to many natural and human-caused hazards. Prepare you and your family today by following a four-step preparedness process: make an emergency plan, have an emergency kit, be informed about disasters, and help members of your community prepare themselves.

Make an Emergency Plan

The first step in preparing for disasters is to make a plan. Have a plan for what you and your family will do in an emergency. Consider how you will communicate with each other, where you will meet, and who you can leave messages with out-of-state if you can’t reach people locally. Learn more about preparing a plan:

Houston residents who might need additional help in evacuating during a disaster can visit the OEM website to learn more about the State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry (STEAR), which allows residents to provide information on their specific situation to emergency management officials who will work to help them evacuate safely, or provide them with the appropriate life-sustaining help they need in a disaster:

Have an Emergency Supply Kit

After you have your plan, start building a kit. Houston residents should have what they need to be on their own for 5-7 days following a storm. This includes food, water, medications, and individual needs such as medical devices or pet supplies.

The City of Houston Disaster Preparedness Guide (DPG) is updated annually and provides information about emergency planning to Houston residents. The Guide is available in six languages for download:

 Stay Informed

If you stay informed, you’ll know when disasters are going to strike. Know where to go to get updated information, this includes local television and radio, as well as official websites such as:

The City of Houston offers emergency alerts through the AlertHouston emergency notification system. People who live or work in Houston can receive emergency notifications via email, text message and through a mobile app from six different categories:

  • Emergency Incidents (such as hazmat situations or law enforcement activity)
  • Severe Weather information
  • Major Traffic & Transit Interruptions
  • Missing People (AMBER Alerts & Silver Alerts)
  • Information regarding Special Events & Planned Drills
  • Recovery information for people impacted by a disaster (such as the flooding from Hurricane Harvey or Tax Day)

Register for alerts today at

Know your Neighbors

Your neighbors can be a great source of help immediately after a disaster. Get to know your neighbors, particularly those too elderly or too ill to independently plan or prepare themselves for a disaster. By knowing your neighbors ahead of time, your community will work better as a team when disasters strike.

For more information about helping your neighborhood get ready for hurricane season, visit