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Traveling for the Holidays? Check Out These Safety Tips and Emergency Kit Checklist

Safety Tips

  • Know what to expect: Plan for any severe weather or other emergencies at your location. Visit and enter your destination for an updated forecast
  • Take only what you need: Make sure you have what you need, but don’t over-pack.  Having expensive items with you makes you a target for criminals.  Keep all valuables and cash with you and out of sight.
  • Traveling by Plane? Make sure you know what’s allowed and what’s not:  Visit for tips that will save you time and heartache at the airport. Plan extra time at the airport. Visit for more info.
  • Traveling by Vehicle? Make sure your vehicle is properly maintained,  has fluids topped-off and has proper air pressure. Visit for live Texas road conditions.

Download this as a PDF


Travel Emergency Kit

  • Personal First Aid Kit (if traveling by air—make sure you leave pointy objects at home)
  • Copies of prescriptions, any health information, and at least 3 days worth of medication above and over the time you plan to travel.
  • Extra pair of clothing including rain-resistant items
  • Snacks and water (if traveling by air– bring an empty water bottle and fill it up past security at a drinking fountain)
  • Insect repellent (with DEET)*
  • List of emergency and destination contacts and in the event your mobile phone runs out of battery.
  • Cash
  • Baby or other personal wipes.
  • Important documents, like a copy of your driver license and/or passport if you’re traveling internationally.
  • Printed copies of your itinerary or driving directions, in the event your mobile device’s battery runs out.

*All liquids and gels taken on airplanes must meet TSA minimum standards, visit for more info.


Funded by a Grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security