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During a hurricane evacuation, residents should be aware of the best route out of the city.  The information below will help you and your family develop an evacuation plan when the time becomes necessary.


Hurricane Evacuation Zones

Houston Area Evacuation MapHurricane evacuations will be ordered based on your Zip Codes.  This helps you easily identify whether or not your area is affected. These evacuations are staggered to allow for a quicker movement of people.  The region has four areas, classified based on their level of threat from storm surge. Download PDF versions of the most recent Hurricane Evacuation Zone and Route Maps:

Link: 2014 Hurricane Evacuation Zone Map (PDF)
Link: 2014 Hurricane Evacuation Routes (PDF)

 Visit to check for the latest status on hurricane evacuations in your area.

Assisted Evacuation

If you live in a mandatory evacuation area, and are unable to evacuate yourself, please register for the State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry (STEAR).  This confidential registry allows local emergency responders to locate you and provide you with emergency assistance during disasters such as hurricanes.  For more information, visit the STEAR page on our website.

Hurricane Evacuation Routes

Vehicles in Hurricane Rita Evacuation

Once you have determined whether you live in a hurricane evacuation zone, and which route you and your family should take to leave town, become familiar with the Hurricane Evacuation Contraflow.  During hurricane evacuations, at the discretion of the county Judge - inbound lanes of local freeways can be reversed to allow vehicles moving outbound to do so faster. Some lanes normally closed to regular freeway traffic are also opened to help speed evacuations, these "evaculanes" are designated with a blue circular shield on the roadway  Click the highway shield for your evacuation route to read more about the Contraflow for your chosen route. (Information provided by the Texas Department of Transportation)

Interstate 10 ShieldI-10 Between Houston and San Antonio (Evaculane)

Interstate 45 ShieldI-45 Between Houston and Dallas

US - 59 Shield US-59 Between Houston and Nacogdoches

US - 290 Shield US-290 Between Houston and Austin (Evaculane)